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Broken Garage Door Spring Boulder CONo one knows how important it is to fix a broken garage door better than a professional garage door repair company. Every day Boulder Garage Door Springs takes calls from frantic customers who desperately need answers to their garage door questions. Chances are if you reading this right now, you most likely are having garage door issues too! One of the most common garage door repairs we see almost every day are broken springs. The average life span of garage door springs is about 10,000 lifts, but it really depends on how much you use the door per day. If you feel that your family is going to be using the garage door more frequently, then you might want to think about investing in extended lifespan torsion springs. For example, the different types of torsion springs include: standard, EZ-set, Wayne Dalton, Torque Master, and a few others. These springs are more expensive, but they last up to four times as long, so spending the extra money will be well worth it in the long run.

Boulder Garage Door Springs Are Your Local Spring Replacement Experts

We have been in this business for over 22 years with an outstanding track record and thousands of happy, satisfied customers. Our certified, highly trained professional technicians know what it takes to tackle any tough spring repair or spring replacement job! Boulder Garage Door Springs takes pride in what we do. We stand by our work and guarantee superior results on every house call our repair men go on.

Garage Door Springs in Boulder ColoradoGarage door springs come in different sizes; they are very heavy-duty because they support most of the garage door’s weight. If your door is operating a bit slower than usual, or if you hear a squeaky noise coming from the door when it’s in motion, then it is most likely a problem with the springs. Putting off an important repair issue like this could actually cause your door much more damage later on. The opener has to pull twice as hard to lift the heavy door; soon not only will you have broken springs but a broken opener as well. Call one of our highly skilled repairman to save the day and your garage door too! Boulder Garage Door Springs are the garage door spring specialists in Colorado!

Broken Spring Repair Boulder CO

We Are The Undisputed Kings Of Springs

Boulder Garage Doors can replace your broken Torsion or Extension spring with top quality parts and exceptional service. Never attempt to repair a garage door’s springs or cables yourself. Also, trying to tackle a project like this may actually end up taking you longer or costing you more money than if you would’ve had a professional from Boulder Garage Door Springs do the job!

Y’know how it sometimes takes a whole lifetime just to get your hair looking just the way you like? One flying garage door spring can undo your “do” in a fraction of a second. It can also penetrate your skull with enough force to empty the contents of your head in one fell swoop. Here at Boulder Garage Door Springs, we don’t like to be morbid but we like to be prepared.

Garage Door Spring Repair Boulder COBoulder Garage Door Springs is always prepared. We’re prepared to come to your house as soon as you call; we’re prepared with all the springs, cables and hardware needed to fix your garage door; we’re prepared to return to your house again and again – FREE OF CHARGE – if you’re not 100% satisfied with our spring replacement service.

D.I.Y. Garage Door Repair Is A Big NO-NO

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about doing it yourself, you ought to be prepared, too: Be prepared for a nasty injury above the neck, and two more below the belt; be prepared for intense blood loss and spots in front of your eyes; be prepared to meet all your D.I.Y. garage door mechanic buddies at the emergency ward on Saturday afternoon; and be prepared to call Boulder Garage Door Springs to clean up your mess after you botch the job.

So for same day, fast, reliable service, call Boulder Garage Door Springs today for your garage door spring repair or replacement needs!

Boulder Garage Door Springs

Boulder Garage Door Springs Satisfaction Guarantee

We have made the decision to stand apart from the rest of the garage door spring companies out there by standing behind all of our services with a satisfaction guarantee that no other garage door spring company has matched yet.

Boulder Garage Door Springs

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