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Think of all the types of doors in the world. Cabinets, front doors, sliding doors, and car doors are all used multiple times daily. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the doors we used most were remote controlled? I think about this concept and several other revolutionary ones every single day. In all honestly, there is only one door that is remote controlled and actually useful—your garage door! The electric garage door is literally one of the most useful inventions ever, so it’s important to keep it in superb shape.

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Garage Door Opener RemoteBoulder Garage Door Openers can maintain and service your garage door any time, anywhere in Boulder (or in the greater Denver metropolitan area).

Garage doors are controlled by one omnipotent controller--that is the garage door opener. The pros at Boulder Garage Door Openers have mastered the art of garage door opening. The garage door opener is the black box that is attached to the ceiling of your garage with the metal track coming out of it. It can also be identified by the little red emergency release string that hangs from it that you can swat, like a cat would. The opener can be dubbed the brains of the operation, because it receives the signal to open or close, and sets the whole process in motion. Because garage door systems are a mixture of metal and electricity, there are many different connections that can be interrupted to affect the whole operation of the garage door.

Garage Door Opener RemoteFor instance, if a kid merely throws a ball of some sort into the opener by accident, the bulb could go out; but that would be the worst of your problems. Garage door openers are sensitive and high-tech, and if they are maintained well, they will last for over 20 years, on average. Boulder Garage Door Openers knows openers inside and out; call us to investigate any garage door opener issue. If we can’t fix your garage door opener…no one can!

Over the years, garage door parts manufacturing has become a widespread business, so there are many garage door opener manufacturers in the U.S. alone. From Genie to Liftmaster to Dalton, here at Boulder Garage Door Openers, we are proud to service all the major brands. Some brands are more dependable than others, but all are bound to need service sometime. When your opener conks out, allow Boulder Garage Door Openers to bring it back to life in a professional and timely manner.

Garage Door Opener Roller RepairOur business has been growing for the past two decades. We pride our company on hiring only the very best technicians on the job market today. Not only are our technicians equipped with schooling and experience; we ensure that each tech we hire on is friendly, personable, and most of all, professional. There is no better choice in all of the great state of Colorado than Boulder Garage Door repair. Call us the next time something’s up with your garage door operation, and we’ll fix it pronto.

Boulder Garage Door Openers

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We have made the decision to stand apart from the rest of the garage door opener companies out there by standing behind all of our services with a satisfaction guarantee that no other garage door opener company has matched yet.

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